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If you have had a tooth extracted or lost due to severe tooth decay, it can compromise your mouth in a variety of ways. Beyond simply impairing your ability to chew it can sometimes even affect your speech. If the structure of the area is not restored, the surrounding teeth might even start to move toward the void, causing alignment issues.

Your dentist can fit you with a bridge to restore the full function and appearance of your mouth. A bridge essentially mimics the appearance of a natural tooth, that is joined to a pair of crowns on the neighboring teeth.

At your first appointment the dentist will create a pair of abutments out of the two neighboring teeth. This is done by removing the majority of enamel, leaving just a small amount surrounding the healthy pulp and root. Then they will create an impression of the area, including your bite pattern. This is sent to a special dental lab that makes your new bridge. Temporary crowns, will then be placed over each abutment to protect them in the interim.

At your second appointment the dentist removes the temporary crowns and cements the permanent bridge in place. With proper care and cleaning your new bridge should last for many years to come.

If you have lost a tooth and would like to explore your options for restoring it, or you have questions about a bridge, please feel free to call us at 415-800-7594 to schedule an appointment.