Whitening Gel

If you’re struggling to find a dependable solution for whitening your teeth, then we suggest you take a look at what whitening gel can do for your teeth. Even if you have stains that are moderate, whitening gel can do a lot to improve your smile. Let’s look at why Dr. recommends gel use and… Read more »

The Five Things to Do for Your Smile If You’re a Victim of Cancer

Did you know that having a healthy smile can help you have a more convenient experience with cancer treatment in , ? Well, it’s true! Having strong and healthy teeth and gums can lower your risk of suffering from an infection or from dental side effects that could be associated with the treatment. So, to… Read more »

Sometimes the Best Way to Repair a Chipped Tooth Is to Install a Crown

As hard as your teeth are, there are still times when something as mundane as grinding your teeth at night or using your teeth as a tool, can actually chip a tooth. Most chips are limited to the enamel layer of a tooth. While some can be repaired by a basic filling, there are times… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Your New Dental Veneers

Your dentist installed your dental veneers to give you a white and winning smile. Even though the porcelain shells won’t be vulnerable to tooth decay, they will still need some daily care and cleaning to maintain them. The underlying tooth enamel and the other surfaces of the teeth can still develop cavities, so you will… Read more »

A Tooth Lost to Decay Can Be Restored by Installing a Dental Implant

Given enough time, untreated tooth decay will inevitably result in total tooth loss. This can impair your ability to efficiently chew food, and speak clearly. If the tooth was originally visible in your smile, it can also have an impact on your social life. To resolve a problem like this, Dr. will often recommend that… Read more »

Restore Your Smile with Our Amalgam-Free Dental Fillings

At Cosmo Dental, we offer amalgam-free dental fillings for our patients in San Francisco, California needing a restoration for their smile. Dr. Olga Antipova are committed to our patient’s well-being as well as your oral health. This is why we are happy to offer amalgam-free fillings for our patient’s smiles, as they are better for… Read more »

What to Know about Veneers

Do you know what dental veneers are? Are you in need of cosmetic dentistry in order to improve your smile? If you don’t know what veneers are, have all your teeth intact, and just need some minor changes made, then veneers may be the best cosmetic dentistry option available to you at this time. Veneers… Read more »

What You Need to Do In Order to Fully Recover After Tooth Extraction

If you have recently extracted a tooth, then it’s important to take this time to fully recover. The healing process is vital, and you need to make sure to recover properly so you don’t run into any complications, like extreme pain and discomfort and dry socket. So, to help you return to a top-notch oral… Read more »

A Loose Crown Demands Immediate Attention

A crown is intended to restore the full function and appearance of a tooth that has been compromised by advanced tooth decay, or damaged in some way. While crowns are designed to be just as durable as your natural teeth, there are times when something like a blow to the face, a hard fall or… Read more »

Identifying and Addressing the Cause of the Stains on the Teeth in Your Smile

Stains on the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. If the cause of staining isn’t identified and addressed, then even the most tooth whitening products and procedures can only yield temporary results, You should always consult with before starting any whitening routine. Our highly trained staff can help you… Read more »