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If you practice the daily three–brushing, flossing and using an antibacterial mouthwash, you are fighting the good fight when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. Healthy gums are just as important as your pearly whites when it comes to the health of your smile. Your gums support the teeth in doing their job.

Gingivitis, the mildest form of gum disease can be overcome by practicing the steps above. If you have advanced gum disease more intervention may be needed to prevent possible tooth loss.

In periodontitis, gums pull away from the teeth and form pockets that become infected. The body’s immune system kicks in, fighting the bacteria as plaque spreads and proliferates under the gum line. The body’s response to the infection, along with bacterial toxins can cause the bone and tissue supporting your teeth to break down. Eventually, this will cause the bone, gum and tissue which hold the teeth in place to be destroyed. This results in the teeth coming loose which will then need to be removed.

In this situation, you will need to have periodontal work done to help restore your teeth and gums. This can result in outpatient oral surgery, such as flap surgery, and more extensively, possibly bone and tissue grafting.

No matter what the treatment, excellent oral care will be required to maintain gum health. Again, brushing and flossing twice a day, using a fluoride toothpaste, and following up with an antibacterial mouthwash will keep your gums and teeth safe and your smile beautiful for years to come!

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