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Did you know that April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month? You might not think about oral cancer very often, but it is a serious disease that affects tens of thousands of people every year. And getting screened for it regularly is the best way to ensure effective treatment.

Oral cancer is the most common form of head and neck cancer, and is also one of the most dangerous. Its 5-year survival rate is under 60%. Oral cancer is so deadly not because it is hard to detect or treat, necessarily, but because it is often detected far too late in its development. It is frequently only found once it has spread, by which time prognosis is much worse. Early detection is key.

But oral cancer often doesn’t show any symptoms until later in its development. This is why regular screenings are so important. At Cosmo Dental, we include screenings with every routine dental exam. This includes a visual inspection of the head, neck, face, and oral cavity, as well as checking for lumps and other irregularities. Dr. Olga Antipova also performs biopsies of suspicious tissues if any are found. This is a painless test using a brush, and aids in determining the cause of abnormalities.

Getting screened for oral cancer is an important element of maintaining great overall oral health. To schedule a dental examination with Dr. Olga Antipova, please call our San Francisco, CA, office at 415-800-7594 today. And if you would like to learn more about oral cancer, including its symptoms and risk factors, visit the Oral Cancer Foundation’s website,