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If you have recently extracted a tooth, then it’s important to take this time to fully recover. The healing process is vital, and you need to make sure to recover properly so you don’t run into any complications, like extreme pain and discomfort and dry socket. So, to help you return to a top-notch oral health, Dr. Olga Antipova and our Cosmo Dental team recommend doing the following things:

-Keep the pain and swelling down by taking the pain medication your dentist prescribed to you and by icing outside the extraction area. Make sure to ice the area every 10 minutes.

-Help the site heal by biting gently on a gauze pad. This will help reduce the bleeding and it will also allow a blood clot to form. Please remember to replace the pad with a new one before it gets soaked with blood or after you’ve used it for three to four hours.

-Relax for the first day or so and limit your activity. As you rest, please prop your head up with pillows. Lying flat will only prolong the bleeding.

-Avoid doing things that might damage the site or delay the healing process, like spitting, rinsing, using a straw, and smoking.

-Eat soft foods for the first couple of days following the treatment. You can gradually add hard foods back into your diet once the site begins to heal.

-Keep the mouth clean by brushing your teeth and tongue and by flossing. As you clean your smile, please avoid the extraction site. Brushing and flossing the treated area can cause infection and pain.

If you do these things, you will be on the right track toward healing and recovering properly. For more information and details about recovering after a tooth extraction in San Francisco, California, please call our office at 415-800-7594 and talk to a member of our team. We are more than happy to give you the tips and information you need to finally have the strong and successful oral health you deserve!